Suzuki GSX-S 750

Motorcycle specifications

Seats: 2
Capacity: 749 cc
Engine: Transverse four cylinder
Max Power: 114 hp
Gearbox: 6-speed
Wheelbase: 1,690 mm
Seat Height: 820 mm
Weight: 212 kg
Tank Capacity: 16 l

Price: 34 900 HUF / day
Deposit: 200 000 HUF

Our discount

3 day-5% 6 day-10% 10 day-15%


Prices include unlimited mileage, tour boxes, and the Pest County highway toll.

Suzuki GSX-S750

"The Suzuki GSX-S750 first arrived in 2017 and it received rave reviews. It is one of the best performing nakedbikes on the market. The 750 is one of my all-time favourites, it's so much fun and anyone who's a fan of three-quarter-litre engines and remembers the 750-era fondly will really get a kick out of this machine. Just sitting there at idle, the GSX-S sounds really good - it's just egging you on and getting you ready to ride... it's punchy off the turns, it's fun around town and is just a really good motor with plenty of stick for the road and you just don't need any more really. For a nakedbike on the road, which will serve as a daily ride, the 750 is one of the best option you can choose."


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Suzuki GSX-S750